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Humboldt Cannabis

Reform Initiative

The purpose of the Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative is to amend the Humboldt County General Plan in order to protect residents, land owners, and our beautiful natural environment from harm caused by large-scale industrial cannabis cultivation.

On October 25, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors voted to include this initiative on the June 2024 ballot for a vote of the people.

You may access a recording of the meeting via the following link:

Supervisor emails are:

The Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative offers a new vision for cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County.  It will:

Reduce the cannabis cultivation footprint, promote healthy environments and rural communities, ensure public involvement, transition the industry to small-scale, environmentally-minded cannabis farmers by:

  • Stopping expansion of industrial mega-grows in rural neighborhoods and limiting cannabis cultivation to less than 10,000 sq. ft. 
  • Setting caps on future total acreage and on total number of permits to about 1200, rather than allowing to triple, as per county resolution 
  • Allowing permits only for new outdoor or mixed light tier 1 cultivation, or nursery 
  • Limiting the number of new permits per person and per parcel
  • Protecting residents, landowners, and watershed health by disallowing applications with wells that reduce flow of a watercourse, spring, or another’s well   
  • Shortening by one month the period allowed for diversion of stream water 
  • Strengthening road requirements
  • Reducing noise pollution and risk of fuel spills by allowing only one emergency generator for new permits
  • Phasing out generator usage for permitted operations
  • Providing opportunity for public input in approval and renewal processes
  • Strengthening enforcement

This initiative will not or cannot:

  • Force authorities to enforce the law 
  • Address fees, fines, or taxes 
  • Affect the many illegal, unpermitted grows 
  • Reduce current number of permitted operations


a Primarily Formed Ballot Initiative Committee

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